Why is Celery only giving tasks to one preforked worker?

I had a situation come up today at Experiment Engine that took a surprising amount of time to debug, so I’ll leave a note here in case it helps someone else — even if that “someone else” is me in the future.

We run our Celery workers with preforked child processes (using `-c $WORKER_CONCURRENCY` since we store our config in the environment). However, it looked like only one worker process (say, Process A) was executing the tasks:

-> send T1 to Process A 
# A executes T1
-> send T2 to Process A
# A's buffer can still hold tasks
-> send T3 to Process A
# A's buffer can still hold tasks
<- T1 complete
# A begins processing T2

# Processes B, C, D sit around looking for stuff to do

Since I could see that the parent process had 4 child processes configured, this was pretty confusing. But I could also see that the worker had reserved several more tasks to run; it just wasn’t sending them out to the other child processes. Instead, a queued task would just get run by Process A when it was finished with the current one. Frustrating.

It turns out that Celery’s prefetch behavior isn’t just on a parent process level. Prefetching actually occurs for the child processes as well. This is documented, but the example sketched out there isn’t the problem I was seeing, so I skipped over it. Our case looks more like what I showed above.

Anyway, the solution in the documentation is right: just enable the `-Ofair` flag when you start your Celery worker and your tasks will be distributed to child processes correctly.

Thanks to Michael Linder for helping me figure this out.

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